For Grade 11

The following admission procedure is applicable only for the current pandemic situation. Students can follow the following procedures to admit in any programme at Gaindakot Namuna.

Step 1 : You must at least fill up the online admission form.
Step 2 : In order to claim for Scholarship you must attend online entrance exam.

Step 3 : In order to get the School Email ID for online classes, Deposit of at least Rs. 10,000 (Nrs. Ten thousand only) must be deposited through any of the following medium.

  • Bank Deposit (Student must mention their name and Subject (Science/Mgmt) in Voucher)

    Global IME Bank
    Account Number : F301010000208
    Account Name : GPerfect Group Pvt. Ltd.

  • Esewa (Student must mention their name and Subject (Science/Mgmt) in remarks)

    Esewa ID : 9855065297
    Name : Pradip Regmi
    Pradip Regmi is Coordinator at Gaindakot Namuna.

Step 4 : Scan copy or screenshot or photo of the deposit must be sent to school mail (
In case of Bank Deposit, the original copy of voucher must be submitted once the Lockdown opens completely.

Step 5 : Student must inform the school administration via direct phone calls after deposit.
Contact Number : 9855065297 (Management) and 9855051675 (Science)

For students in nearby location, admission procedure can be carried out at college premise taking all the safety measures.